3 Stretches to Loosen Work-From-Home Body Stiffness

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During this time a lot of us are working from home and during this time we are sitting in sustained postures for long periods of time. The problem with sitting in sustained postures for long periods of time is it leads to soreness and aches and pains throughout our body. Here are three exercises that you can do every hour that can alleviate some of those symptoms and have a better day working from home. The first exercise is going to be just crossing your fingers extend out in front of your person and flexing your body forward. Repeat that several times. Another one is going into an extension posture because a lot of us are in a sustained flexion posture during the day and just lace your fingers behind your neck open up your elbows to open up your chest extend back as far as you can opening up your arms and chest. And repeating that several times five to ten times every hour. The last one is doing a rotational move. You just simply rotate it and right to left again five or ten times every hour that’ll help make you have a little bit better day working from home.

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