Active Listening – How to Really Listen as an Engineer

In this Engineering Manager, 8020 Shorts video, I have with me Tony Munson, author of people’s skills for engineers. Now we did a full podcast episode with Tony, which will link to in the comments of this video, but in this short video, Tony I’d like you to share with our viewers as an engineer or technical professional. How can one listen more effectively because we all know how important that is to success in engineering? Well, everyone who’s listening! This might be time to put on your big-boy pants if you have them sitting around, because I think I’m going to get at the crux of what makes people good listeners and bad listeners as I was thinking about this last night preparing for this podcast. I realized that I think the source of listening or being a poor listener is we simply don’t care what the other person is saying. Flatout, we haven’t connected the dots, we’re more interested in either one upping someone in a conversation. When is our time to speak? Is it now or just flat out thinking about something else, and that to me is just not caring about what the other person has to say, and we know this to be true, because if I pulled someone in a room right now and said, I’m gon na Give you the six number winning you know, lottery numbers right now guaranteed. You would be able to remember it. Why? Because it’s important it’s important to me, it’s important to you! If we, if we took that same, I don’t, I don’t want to call an importance level, but you get the point if we took that same okay, I’m focused I’m present and move that into our individual conversations that we have. I think things would change. I know most people are like me. It’S like okay. I have this laundry list of things. Someone wants to talk to me, okay, get it over with, so we can go and then two weeks from now I end up having to ask the same thing that somebody already told me, because I wasn’t physically present. We consciously need to make the decision to be physically present. You know, there’s there’s all sorts of physical things that we can do like you know, listen with your body and give their correct verbal signals and things like that, but I think the core of it is simply not caring. I know other signs kind of harsh, but if we cared more, we would listen more because we’ve all had points in our life where somebody’s speaking to us – and we know it’s important and we’re like about lying on the plains of the Sahara. Like eye of the tiger on it, and so if we are just make a mental effort to be more present, listening becomes so much easier.


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