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Amatsu UK Body Alignment: A Holistic Approach to Pain Relief and Well-Being Through Fascial and Meridian Point Therapy.

It is about to cause a whole wide spectrum of problems from spot injuries to elderly people, all kinds of musculoskeletal problems, bad backs, and basically the biggest reason that we get pain is nerve, entrapment, and Meridian pressure. And we clear all those alignments out and rebalance the whole fascia the whole allowance of the body which results in less inflammation, better mobility, and a massive reduction in pain. Amatsu UK Body Alignment New Learning Opportunity What’s unique about this particular approach? Are we allowing the whole body so we’re? Looking at the bone structure, we look at the position of the organs the facial, which has only recently been looked at in modern science, which is sort of the part of the body that holds us together. We work with facial. We work with Meridian points, so we’re using pressure on those points. Gentle realignment is, General mobility of the muscles to align the body and bring about well-being.

Amatsu UK Body Alignment: An Ancient Japanese Therapy for Self-Preservation and Wellness.

But Natural Therapy is a branch of traditional Japanese medicine and this particular School’s ancient School. Dr. Hatsumi is, the lineage head of Hitchin joints which actually translators the school of the opening flower, but it’s about self-preservation, self-wellness, and well-being and we’ve over the years over the 30 years that he was teaching us independence with scientific Western science. That basically validates it. It’s an ancient, Japanese therapy, Amatsu UK Body Alignment New Learning Opportunity that’s been around. It’s got a Heritage of about 3000 years and I’m one of three Westerners who were taught directly by Dr. Hatsomi, Who went to Scrolls all the way down. Uh, it’s physical therapy. It uses pressure point therapy on meridians. We work with ligaments. We work with fair share.

Learn Amatsu UK Body Alignment via Zoom and start a successful business with ongoing support.

We free off body restrictions, we sort of call it a body alignment uh, very, very successful, easy to learn, but in pragmatic and working for recruitment for our material practitioner course we teach via Zoom lessons distance learning and workshops. So you can. You can learn while you’re still at work. Amatsu UK Body Alignment New Learning Opportunity We teach how to build a successful business and all our previous practitioners have very successful businesses and so we’re off on this course to be able to teach you the detention therapy now and during the course we have some Zoom sessions. We have distance learning and workshops and then ongoing support. We help you get your business going with all of that. It’s a complete package. So, if you’re interested, we need people in different areas because we’re constantly turning people away because we can’t fulfill the requirements since covered. We have found that lots of people have a bigger need for this kind of realignment uh.

Join Our Mission to Build Immune Systems and Relieve Pain with Amatsu UK Body Alignment – Practitioner Recruitment Now Open!

It helps to build the immune system, let’s get rid of the pain for conditions inflammation, and we need more practitioners we’re all very, very busy. We need practitioners in different parts of the country and we’re looking to recruit. In fact, I’ve come out of retirement, I’m 73 years of age and I’ve had to come back up to retirement because of the need we’re just. We need you to promote this and make this into a profession that you can be proud of yourself. Amatsu UK Body Alignment New Learning Opportunity So for more information you can, you can go to our website at for more information there. Anything you need to know you can contact us and find out more about the course

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