Dietary Treatments for Computer Eye Strain

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“Treatment of eyes strained from the computer with diet” What happens to our eyes when we sit in front of the computer all day? In recent years, “the rapid spread of computers in homes and workplaces led to an increase in vision and eye problems. These include eye discomfort, blur of distant objects, eye strain and visual disturbances fatigue. ”This phenomenon is called transient myopia caused by near-work. When a person after a long time watching a computer screen looks out the window, sees initially blurry. This is because our small ciliary muscles controlling the lens of the eye persist for a long time in a state of continuous withdrawal to allow us to see sharply at a short distance. Over time, this can have long-term adverse consequences.

It is true that we can sacrifice 4-12 minutes of each hour breaks where we look out the window, but what if you have a lot of work to do, like making videos about nutrition? Effects of black currant intake on transient refractive changes in the eyes of healthy people caused by working with a computer monitor. A double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study found significantly improved refractive values and less eye strain compared to placebo. It’s important to note that what we sometimes call blackcurrants in the US, they are in fact raisins from the grape variety of grape. It’s not really black currant, it was banned in the US a hundred years ago, at the instigation of the timber industry. He was worried that the currants would spread the disease that could infect white pines. Their wood is hardly mined anymore. However, in recent years the currant has returned to the scene. However, other small fruits rich in anthocyanins can have similar effects.

For example, another study on forest blueberries was conducted prior to this study. Why didn’t I inform her when she came out? Because I don’t know Japanese. Why not take blueberry powder in capsules? As we have seen repeatedly on the results of testing food supplements, one was lucky, when ever he came across some that met some of what was on the package. For products that have at least contained blueberries, the problem was that the information was insufficient, misleading, or both. This is the other side of the herbal food supplement industry. The largest study conducted so far found that that most labels on herbal supplements give false information. After all, who would not prefer fruit over pills? Interestingly, blueberries gained fame during World War II claiming the pilots of the British Royal Air Force thanks to blueberry jam have gained a better ability to see in the dark. It turned out to be a fictional story, whose purpose was to deceive the Germans.

The real reason why the British suddenly were able to target Nazi bombers in the middle of the night before before they reached the English Channel, probably not forest blueberries, but a very secret new invention, about which the Germans should not know – radar.

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