GPS Cell Phones- We Know Where You Are

You can turn your cell phone into a tracking device using a GPS cell phone. The global positioning system (GPS), like the internet, was first developed for use within the military.

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GPS cell Phones help you to establish your geographical location no matter where you are. The more accurate ones use the same information as GPS navigation systems i.e. that provided by 24 satellites currently orbiting the earth. At any time, there will be six or seven of these satellites above your location. Your GPS system will “speak” to three of these to pinpoint your location.

But a lot of the GPS systems on cell phones use the information they obtain from cell phone towers and not the satellites. If the area you are in has lots of towers, you will be fine. But if you are in an outlying remote area you may struggle to obtain the correct information.

The GPS function on your mobile can be either an integrated component or an additional piece which communicates with your mobile via Bluetooth.

So what could a GPS cell phone do for you,

Well you would never be able to use the excuse I got lost again provided you have enabled this function on your phone. But do exercise common sense as well. There have been reports of people driving into rivers because their GPS system told them this was the best route to take!

Parents may be interested to know that you can set up a feature on one mobile phone network to protect your kids. You set up a zone limit say your local school or park and if your child leaves this limit you will get a text message. Now obviously this system isn’t fail proof. Your child can turn off their phone but my kids have been warned that if I try to call them and find out the phone is off, they will be grounded!

You can’t just set this system up though. You have to go to the GPS cell phone store with identification. The mobile phone provider must ensure you are monitoring your own kids and not using this device for evil purposes.

Adults can also use this tracking service. If you are going out to meet someone new perhaps via work or socially, your friends can track your movements as long as they have a compatible device. There have been cases of female real estate agents going missing after meeting potential clients. With a GPS cell phone, their office can track all of their movements. Now you might not always want your boss to know where you are but it is a good safety feature to have particularly when meeting strangers is part of your job.

The GPS on the Android operated cellular phones is particularly cool. As well as helping you to find a location, you can also use it to obtain local restaurant and hotel reviews as well as details of famous landmarks that you may want to visit once you get to your destination.

Currently not all cellular phones are GPS cell phones but I guess in a few years, they all will be.

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