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Three 3 ways to cook Spam: Luncheon, Loafcanned meat, long term, food storage, hi it’sAlaskaGranny, Alaska, Prepper, as preppers sometimes. We want to stock up on canned meats for the long term. Food storage stockpile one of. The canned meats are spam or luncheon loaf I recently stocked up on two packs of spam. That found at my local Walmart for six dollars and twelve cents for a two-pack. It was actually way cheaper to buy it as a two-pack because the single cans were three dollars and sixty cents so it was far cheaper to buy the two packs of Spam.

So always look around. Compare prices and make sure what the price is the one thing I discovered was Walmart in Alaska only had the regular flavor original spam. They didn’t have any of the special flavors of spam, which are a nice treat if you can get a variety of spam flavors. It helps you avoid food fatigue, but if you can only find a plain spam luncheon loaf original recipe, there’s still a lot of great ways to use Spam. So today I’m going to show you three ways that you can cook a spam luncheon loaf and integrate it into your regular meals and rotate your stored foods long-term food storage stockpile when you open spam it comes out of the can in a nice loaf and. You can easily slice it up.

I like to use Spamas slices, but you can also cut it up into cubes. You prefer to put a little oil in your panfry up your slices of spam and you’re ready, to incorporate it into a lot of different recipes.

First, the recipe is for spam with fried rice put on a pot of rice and fry. Your spam about three minutes per side moves the spam out of the way take a big scoop of the cooked rice and load. It into the side of the pan add a can of mixed vegetable soy sauce to your taste and stir it around until it’s. All heated through now take a nice big scoop of, the fried rice with vegetables and a couple of slices of spam, and you have a nice easy dinner.

The next way I like to serve spam is as a breakfast sandwich fry your spam slices make. A piece of toast then places your spam slices on top of a piece of butter, toast fry up a perfect egg place it on top of the spam, and top it with some shredded cheese.

A third way to make spam is, as spam, chili dog fry your spam slices heat. A can of chili and warm bun now place. Two slices of the spam onto the bun end to end top it with some chili shredded cheese onions, whatever your favorite toppings are on a chili dog, and you have spam, chili doga, simple way that my family likes spam is a spam sandwich. I fry it up to serve it on buttered toast you can top that spam sandwich with ketchup these are just simple ways to use spam leave a comment below.

If you have a favorite way, you prepare spam so that we can all learn to use the stored foods that we have in our long term. Food storage stockpile makes sure you’re stocking up on food, emergency prepping, so that you’ll have, the things you need no matter what the future brings. If you liked my video I hope, you’ll share it with someone else, who might enjoy it, learn more at and. Please subscribe to the AlaskaGrannychannel youtube prepper prepping channel

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