How to Choose a Free Windows XP Registry Cleaner

If your Windows registry makes your computer run slow, one good solution is a free Windows XP registry cleaner. You can download these free programs all over the Internet. Most can be found at websites where you can download all kinds of software. Just these software repositories alone might have dozens of free Windows XP registry cleaner programs available.

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The developers’ websites may also have this type of software available for download. If you can download the program direct from the creator’s website, often there are other great programs available. And sometimes detailed help information as well as tutorial and more screenshots are available this way, to help you decide if you want to try the free Windows XP registry cleaner.

When you download any free software, be wary of the sites you download from. Some websites take free software and add things to it like viruses, spyware or adware and then upload it. These third-party sites usually just have lists of software for download with no real information about each program.

Most of the best downloading sites will have some information, a link to the creator’s website, maybe a screenshot or two, and a system where users can rate and review the software. If you’re at all in doubt about a site, search for the free Windows XP registry cleaner or other software you want somewhere else.

Next, you need to narrow down your choices between the different programs available. Compare programs carefully. And read the descriptions carefully, too. Many programs advertised as free software are actually not free. The download is free, but the program only has some working features.

This is a try before you buy free download. You get to download the program and check it out before paying for it. The fine print will say that it’s a free trial or that the download is free, but not the application. This is sometimes called demoware or shareware.

True free software is called freeware and can be downloaded completely. When you download it, the entire program works with no restrictions, and there’s no obligation for you to pay anything.

One drawback to some freeware is that often it contains things you don’t want, like adware or spyware. Adware is built into the program. While you use the program, some part of it displays ads that you can click on. This is an active ad connection, so that when you click on the ad you go to the advertiser’s website.

Spyware is often included in free Windows XP registry cleaner software, as well. Spyware allows a third party to essentially follow you around the Internet, tracking the sites you visit and your purchasing habits. Spyware tends to slow a computer down.

Finally, to determine which free Windows XP registry cleaner software you want to use, read all the reviews you can find about the programs that interest you, and pay close attention to those reviews that report problems and errors, as well as the ones full of praise.

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