How to Crack Your Own Back. No Chiropractor Required!

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Hey everybody: this is Brett Rogers. I am a licensed massage therapist and I teach continuing education classes for massage and I’ve been doing holistic healing on my own for about twenty years, and I have learned a whole lot of things that I think are very important for my health and cracking my own Back, I believe, has been very, very helpful and no, I don’t go to chiropractors and personally. I believe that that industry is very much a racket and I think that because the chiropractors will get as many people in their offices in a day as they possibly can and kind of move them in and out like cattle. In order to make as much money and crack as many backs as quickly as possible as they can and backs, they need to be loosened up with massage first of all, and they don’t have to be cracked by someone else. You can crack them on your own and it’s better to do it regularly.

I’m going to show you how to do that right now, okay, so this foam roller, this piece of foam roller came off of this bigger piece. I just cut it off with wood, saw it’s about six inches wide and you just put it on a yoga mat like so then roll one. I’ve already been doing this tonight and my back cracked about six times within five seconds, and I do this almost every day and it works awesome. There’S no reason that you need to go to the chiropractor if you’ll just take five minutes a day and roll on one of these like so you don’t have to go, get in your car and burn gas. You don’t have to waste your time.

You don’t have to sit in somebody’s office, waiting for your turn, being a patient, so anyways. If you learn how to do self-massage, if you roll on the foam roller and not just on your back on other parts of your body and there’s plenty of videos on using a foam roller on YouTube, there’s plenty of videos about self-massage. There’S plenty of yoga videos there’s just no reason to pay into the medical industry and make those people rich anymore. So, thank you very much for joining me. Do natural healing, remember the good things are cheap or usually free and don’t require the billionaire’s the millionaires?

Let’S put those people out of business

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