How to Punch HARDER & Throw! Execute a Knockout Punch Correctly

Hey, what’s up welcome to top five tips on howto increase your punching power, so right herewe got a bob and it’s filled up the body upto here. Okay, so you got one that helped youknow. How heavy this thing is, I think it’s ahundred over 200 innings. Is it yeah from whatI can tell okay? Well you try trying to lift itokay, so it’s pretty heavy okay, so I don’t knowyou can go online and check how heavy thisthing is. I don’t know exactly: okay, so witha, nice and strong punch. You should be able todeliver your body momentum through the targetand, be able to knock down this bomb. Okay, so I’mjust going to demonstrate hey. Okay, so notice, thatI have very minimal body movement, it’s verynon telegraphic and I say with a knock downthe ball. That’S at all! On the Navy 200 poundsor, so it over time so notice that I’m not doinga big windup, I’m not like starting from hereending moving in, like that great a little bodywith it okay! So, okay! So we’re going to showyou exactly how to do that, get really strongattacks and powerful punches. I’M only 135 poundsso, I’m considered real-life guy that people tellme that hit pretty heavy for my weight and I’mgoing to show you how to do that. Okay, here we go alright tip number five is having a good stanceokay. This is very fundamental, but you know whatif, you don’t have a good stance. You won’t beable to deliver the power from your legs up, toyour, fist, all right. So let me show you the goodstance again. What do you want to do is to putyour feet together, open up not going to greaseon your heel open up again on your toe, a littlebit heel, so that’s three times and then not threefive degrees, okay and now kind of bounce, back, andforth make sure it’s nice And comfortable youshould be able to do a nice squat up and downwithout any stress on your back of whatsoeverall right bend your knees slightly and shakeyour hips a little bit back and forth. Andit should be nice and comfortable all rightso. That’S great good stance, make sure thatis nice and solid make sure that you’re notleaning forward and you’re not leaning, backand, it’s a 50/50 all right, you’re, fun, flipswitch turn slightly inwards. So it is this isstraight. It’S going to turn slightly inwardslike that your back foot should be on a 45degree like this okay and it shouldn’t bestraight should be on a 45. I shouldn’t be onan IV. Okay, this is a noggin. This is straightyou want to be somewhere in the middle okay. Soyou combine those two: okay drop, your hips dropyour knees round up your back; okay, see my backis nice and round. So you see a c-shape here, fromthe spine, okay, that delivers that connects yourupper body with your legs. It’S having this cheapround back and then wrap it around and you’reputting on a backpack and tuck it in like thisit is sucking your gut all right. So that’s numberone, I mean number five I’ll be have a good stance. Here’S tip number four on how to improve the powerin. Your punch tip number four is to improve yourconnection to the ground. Why is the groundsof? Employment is because that’s where we wantto draw up the energy all right through the fromthe ground through your legs, so one good, exerciseis doing a nice squat so get into your stanceand from that stance. Slowly go down all the waythen! Imagine you’re picking up something reallyheavy like two big buckets of water and then liftit up, while keeping that water, nice and heavyokay now bring it up here, and you should feela lot more stronger and lot more solid, okay, so dothat about five times so drop it slowly. Drop downokay and then imagine picking up two buckets ofwater bring it up like this. Now I need to reallyhave any heavy. Imagine it’s heavy right! So thisheavy, you can’t just lift it up with your backyou, have to use your whole leg right, so you’renot, even living up get your hips underneath soyou can give it up like this and breathe in andthen. Put your go back to your position. Okay! Nowdrop! Everything drop! It okay go down slowly, pickit up heavy water. Have you thought in the waternow? If it’s heavy buckets of water, you won’t beable to pick it up like this right. I heard yourback. You won’t be able to like this, you just gotword back to so you need to have a nice round backand, you need to be nice and straight in orderto, be able to pick up those heavy buckets ofwater. Okay, now they have a position, bring yourhands up while keeping the weight of the of theimaginary water. And now you have now you can feela lot stronger okay, so you can even test it up. Doa few punches without doing that and do five ofthose, and now I’m going to punch yo. You can movethings a lot further than if you didn’t do it okaythat’s a mental exercise. I guess what it works. Here’S tip number three: how to improve yourpunching power you’re going to talk about bodymomentum. Why do you need momentum? Well, if you’rea, small guy, like me, I’m only 135 pounds and youwant to be able to knock out a guy, that’s twiceyour date. You better use your whole body, forceinto your punch, otherwise you won’t do any damageat, all okay. So how do you get an easy way to getmomentum is to actually move your body in thepunch, actually move your whole body all rightin boxing and do a lot of rotation and you get anice. You get nice impact, but you don’t get enoughmomentum to be able to really move somethingand really shock somebody’s body. Okay, so whatyou want to do. Is you combine the moving of thebody with your punch? Okay? How do you do that isgoing to take a step forward and then we’re goingto take step back with your back foot? Okay, so youcan take your step forward with your left. Footand then ask you, punch, take a step with yourright foot, as you punch James, so from the sideis one step like that. It doesn’t make sure it’snot a big step like this. Otherwise you’re going toextend your legs all too far, so it’s just a reallysmall step. Tiny little half step, then this onetime little half step so one two: that’s it onetwo, okay and on the two we’re going to punch onetwo, okay, one two one: two, so let me demonstrateto you difference of just the rotation and nowwith a move myself with the rotation. It’S goingto be like this: okay, see this impact, but the backdoesn’t loop that much because I didn’t transfermy body momentum into it, but with the staff we gosee how much more moves move. The little staff allright eventually when you get into higher levelsyou, can make that step. Even smaller and still beable to transfer your body weight, momentuminto your target, so that’s tip number three: hey here’s tip number two on how to increaseyour punching power. We talked about the bodyrotation. We talked about using your body momentumand. Now we talked about another really importanttip, which is called expansion and contractionnow. Let’S just do an exercise. Okay, that’s firstof! All, let’s expand our chest as wide as we cango expand our chest and then at the same timeexpand our knees out so rotate your knees outlike that okay, when you do that you’re going tofeel, your hips expand. Okay and now I also expandyour whole legs. This way and your chest this waygood now that you’re gone as far as you can nowwe’re going to contract everything so we’re goingto suck in our chest like this. Let it sink in I’mgoing to sink in and wrap barf wrap our shouldersin okay. Now we’re going to suck in our gut likethis and then we’re going to squeeze in our kneestogether okay. So now we’re going to contract theposition all right and now we can expand againeverything stretches out chest is expanded. Yourbelly expanded your hips are expanded knees. Areout expand like this, then we can contract againso, pull it everything in sync in the chest, roundoff your back. Your back goes from here and thenit rounds out. Okay, your back is nice and roundyour spine is around and then you’re stuck in yourgut. This way suck it in a hitch go in like that itneeds to go in like that and now you’re contractedalright. So how does this work? Is we’re going toremember? We take the step to get the momentumnow when we get this. Take the step we’re goingBastien just like that, take a step or expandit. Okay, six expand it now, when we do the punchwe’re going to contract okay, so without the handmovement is going to be expansion, contraction, inchso, step, step, expansion, contraction, alright, so I’llshow you on the target. How this works so withoutthe expansion contraction instead of just doingwith momentum, I’m just going to do it lightlylike that right now we’re going to do a littlebit with the same amount of force with expansionand contraction. Okay, I didn’t use any more forceand. You can see that there’s more force, deliveredinto the target. Okay, so that’s expansion, andcontraction use that and you get more power. Inyour punches, hey here’s, the final tip on how toincrease your punching power. This tip is veryvery important and it is very simple, but it makesa big difference it’s about punching through yourtarget and getting penetration. So what I meanis, when you’re punching something your targetshould be about six to eight inches behind thiscontact area. Alright, because if you punch hereand your content area, your mind is just focused onthe surface she’s, just going to be able to hit thesurface and that won’t get enough damage to makethe person feel it. So when you’re punching youwant. To imagine that the contact point and thetarget is actually six to eight inches behind acontact point: okay, so yeah, okay, that will give youa lot more damage, not with power. Your punches heythanks for watching my video on the five tips ofhow to increase your punching power and develop aknockout punch. If you liked this lesson, make sureyou check out my other lessons right here and ifthis first down here, make sure you check the clickthe subscribe button right here to get the latestin clueless self-defense and fighting techniquesalright. So we see soon in the next video you

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