How to REFRAME Your Mind For MORE Success (USE THIS EVERYDAY!)

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Success Journal: Writing Down Your Goals Every Day Can Help You Reach Them

So in this video, I want to talk with you. About the success journal. It’s something that we do on a regular basis, um that we have our clients do and everybody that does it. It really has a powerful impact on their life. It’s such a simple process but. It has such a huge impact. I mean it’s kind of ridiculous when because it literally reframes your brain to see success in the world and when you see success by the law of attraction, the law of focus, whatever you want to call it the law of vibration you create more success in your life, so I’m going to go through this simple principle. Right now every day, when I go out, I go out to someplace like this here at the mall, and I do my practices or whatever’s going on I’m texting a cute girl I’m flirting, wherever I feel changes in growth at some point. During the day I write it down.

How to REFRAME Your Mind For MORE Success (USE THIS EVERYDAY!)

How to Deal with Rejection: Lessons Learned

It’s simple as that. If I’m walking out here and I’m looking at people and they’re all around and I’m saying do my highs, let’s say I did 100 highs today and I and I are out here going hey how you doing I’m feeling open and I’m feeling good I’ll write down what I learned from that. Oh, that really cute blonde, really smiled back and my heart blasted wide open um that one guy said: dude you’re really cool dude. You know I’m glad I met you after, we chatted for a bit. I got that girl’s phone number or how about this? This is even better these are, the great examples you’re sitting there and you’re you get rejected right, but then it doesn’t bother you for the first time and you’re like wow that didn’t bother me and you write that down a girl, laughs at you and walks away, and you laugh at yourself and Walk away and then another girl smiles at you because of it, that’s a huge gain right! You go out and ask for rejections. Maybe you.

The Right Mindset for Future Success: Laughing at Yourself

Do that exercise you ask for rejections, and you realize after four or five rejections you’re laughing at yourself. First, it was horrible, and now, you’re laughing. It’s easy and you’re like oh it’s, no big deal getting a rejection. I love it and then. You start to laugh at yourself and you write that down and if you write down gains every day maybe five-ten games, three games, just a few gains and. You read them right before you go to bed, and you take them into your dreams. You start to grow you start to change. You start to see the world from the perspective of your growth, how you’re changing and, not the perspective of your pains and what you need to fix a lot of our clients come to us and, they’re in a lot of pain, and all they think about is what’s wrong. What’s wrong, what’s wrong and all they focus on is it’s wrong and so they’re actually doing a pain journal in their mind they’re doing a failure journal like oh that girl, looked at me funny and it will go out.

How Compounding Interest Can Speed Up Your Path to Success

And five girls will smile and wave one girl looks at him funny. That’s all the client can think about all day long. That’s not right, but if you switch that and suddenly you start to see in your mind what I’m talking about internally, you switch it internally and you start to see those successes. You quickly forget about the failures how much faster. Is your life going to compound interest? Is the eighth wonder of the world it’s going to be huge, and it’s going to grow a lot and that’s what I want this journal to do for you. So I’m going to ask you to do me. A favor first looks up compounding interests online, lookup 1 to 31 days of doubling a penny and notices that at the end of 31 days.

Success Journal for 31 Days: Double Your Income Over Time

That will be over 10 million dollars. If you double a penny for 31 days and, most of the gross in the last few days, and if you can do that process and you can see that growth, I’m going to challenge you to do a success journal for 31 days, just like the compounding interest chart, do it for 31 days and notice, at the end of that 31 days, how much your life has changed now. There are a couple of rules. You have to write at least, I would say five things in there a day, the minimum five preferable, even if you feel like doing 10 one day write down 10 Read them before you go to bed right as you’re going to sleep just, read them right before you lay your head on that pillow, so you take them into your dreams and. You start to dream about these successes and. If there’s any resistance in the first week that’s fine, that’s normal! Just keep working through that a little bit at a time and notice if you commit to the 31 days and you follow it through to the end, how much it’s going to change the way.

The Power of Relationship Thinking

You view the world in relationship to women or whatever area you’re using it on really, it’s good. If you pick an area unless you just want to work on general, all life skills it is going to have a powerful effect, and remember confidence really lives, get started. On that success journal now because that’s going to make you more confident. Only confidence really lives I’ll see in the next video take care.

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