How to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate Naturally

How to shrink an enlarged prostate naturally Are you concerned about the enlarged prostate that you already have or suspect that you might have? We can’t slow down the aging process, however,  we can show you how to naturally shrink your enlarged prostate. Watch this video now to learn what you can do to naturally shrink your enlarged prostate right from home. Prostate enlargement is becoming increasingly common, especially among older males. In medicine, it’s most often referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH.

When enlarged, the prostate tends to compress the urethra through which urine passes. Because of this, men who suffer from it typically experience urination problems. Most often men with enlarged prostates are subjected to medication. Among the most common pharmaceutical treatments are 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors,  alpha-blockers, or a combination of the two. Depending on the severity of the condition,  doctors might also suggest surgery in manageable cases of prostate enlargement.

However, the symptoms can be addressed through a combination of exercise proper diet, and correct supplementation. Following our foods exercise regimen and supplements that you can incorporate into your daily life to naturally shrink your enlarged prostate.

Stay active: n 1998 a team of Harvard researchers studied the results of over 30,000  men who participated in the health professionals’ follow-up study. Their study concluded that physical activity is inversely related to prostate enlargement. That means exercising regularly will help you either avoid BPH,  shrink it or suppress its symptoms.

Eat right: Following a balanced diet will help you keep your body in optimum shape and consequently be better able to fight BPH. However, certain foods specifically help shrink an enlarged prostate and limit the urinary problems that arise from it. Here are some of the foods you’ll want to incorporate into your diet for a healthy prostate.

1: Tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a carotenoid that has long been recognized for its ability to fight prostate cancer. In fact, a study published by the Journal of Oncology in 2012 showed that men who regularly ate tomatoes whether raw cooked or processed had better prostate cancer markers.

That also makes it a beneficial nutrient for people with BPH.

2: Cruciferous vegetables: Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and collard greens are among the most beneficial foods for anyone suffering from an enlarged prostate. According to the National Cancer Institute, these vegetables not only fight cancer but also have remarkably potent anti-inflammatory properties.

3: Berries: Berries are rich in antioxidants that inhibit the growth of cancer cells,  especially among older males who are already exhibiting symptoms of prostate enlargement.

According to the prostate cancer foundation,  blackberries and raspberries provide the most benefits to those who suffer from BPH.

How to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate NaturallyTake supplements: According to a study published by European urology in 2006 supplementing with vitamin  C and iron decreases the risk of BPH. Additionally, the following are some of the most commonly used supplements in naturopathy to address prostate enlargement.

1: Saw palmetto: According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, Saw pimento supplementation helps manage prostate enlargement. And the complications that arise from it.

2: Stinging nettle: Stinging nettle is among the natural remedies described by the Penn State  Hershey’s Milton s Hershey Medical Center to relieve symptoms of BPH.

It effectively hinders the growth of specific prostate cells. However,  it is usually combined with other herbs like saw pimento to decrease prostate size.

3: African plum extract: African plum extract has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study led by researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s  Department of Urology. Supplementation of up to 200 milligrams per day helps reduce the adverse effects of having an enlarged prostate.

Shrinking an enlarged prostate through natural means is possible, all it takes is some dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, knowing what supplements are most beneficial to prostate health will significantly help you relieve yourself of BPH symptoms.

But while these methods are backed by science it is crucial to first consult with a doctor to rule out any possibility of cancer. Here are the study references Thank you for watching, if you liked the video please share it with your friends,  and please subscribe to our channel.

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