How to Work From Anywhere and Live a Nomadic Life

How to Work From Anywhere and Live a Nomadic Lifestyle
Becoming a digital nomad and working while you travel is a fantastic goal and one that can help you to live a much richer and fuller life and to see more of the beautiful planet that we are fortunate enough to live on.
But it is also not as easy as a lot of people make out. What if you’re not accustomed to working online? What if you can’t find WiFi?
Here’s how you do it…
Make the Transition
A lot of people think they have to quit their job and start an online business to become a digital nomad and this can be very off-putting if you’re scared at the prospect of not making enough money.
Luckily, you don’t have to be so reckless.
Instead, consider making the transition more slowly: start running a business in your spare time and build it up to the point where it is making enough money that you can live off it and quit your ‘day job’.
Or instead, why not ask your current employer if you can continue working your job on the road? Or maybe working another job within the organization. You might be surprised at just how eager they are to help!
If that fails, you can consider looking for a regular job that will give you that freedom. In other words: there are plenty of options here.
Know Your Budget
The next step is to simply know your budget. This means you need to know precisely how much you need to earn to fund your travels. It might surprise you to learn that you can actually earn enough with a part-time job. Look at ways to make your travel cheaper too: for example, by staying in Air BnBs, or by using CouchSurfer to find accommodation.
Overcome the Practical Challenges
As for the practical challenges of working online, there are plenty of solutions again. For instance, you should always research where you’ll be visiting in order to make sure you can find WiFi easily and that you know good places to sit and work. Make sure that you use an app to keep up with local time zones and get a computer with a good long battery life.
If you are willing to work around the challenges, you’ll often find that this is actually quite rewarding and one of the enjoyable things about working abroad!

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