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Reasons To Use Apple Cider Vinegar EVERY Day

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Hello, everybody, I’m Michelle and in today’s video, I’m going to show you the basics of juicing Basically juicing 101 where I share with you my top tips for how to get a crisp delicious healthy green juice Get started the first thing to do is find some Vegetables or fruits that can make up the bulk of the juice and these are vegetables with high water content And I love using cucumbers for that celery also works great.

Then you’re gonna want to add some extra vegetables that are adding either flavor or extra nutrients and great things our kale lettuce carrots things like that Finally you’re gonna want to sweeten up your juice by using an apple or pear pineapple some kind of fruit with a lot of sweetness And then I like squeezing in a little bit of lemon and that helps cut the bitterness of things like kale and celery.

My second tip is to work by colors so to create a nice green juice you could use lemon cucumber of lettuce celery Kale all of the green and yellow tones can go in that juice and it will turn out beautiful And then you can also try creating a nice beautiful red juice and you could use beets Oranges carrots all of the red tone fruits and vegetables can go in that one and so much of what we eat We eat with our eyes right so when the juice looks beautiful.

It’s going to taste better to us So those are my two biggest tips. I hope you found them helpful and let’s get started making this juice For demonstration’s sake I broke my own rule here and added an orange carrot into a green juice and you’ll see as I’m frying it Here when the carrot part is added it turns to juice a little bit murky And if I had added more orange or red tones, it would have looked too even murkier And voila you’ve got a delicious fresh crisp green juice that’s loaded and packed with new try

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