Let’s Get On The Ball!

The stability ball has fast become a popular tool for exercising. Primarily used in a rehabilitation facility by therapists, you can now find them on many gym floors, on your local sporting good store shelves and at your LIVE on line store as well. It offers many different exercises for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. They are great for working the entire body, not just for abs, as you’ll find many ads marketing this way. You’ll find it a challenging and exciting way to add variety and fun to your workouts. In conjunction with improving your overall strength and muscle tone, it can help improve you core strength, posture, balance, and coordination.

The stability ball can be used in place of a bench for many exercises, and for a variety of stretches as well. It also makes a great office chair since your core muscles will work to keep upright posture. Unlike a bench, a ball will move under you, at every angle, side to side and back and forth while performing certain exercises. So to keep the ball from moving, and perform an exercise, your body is coordinating multiple muscle groups to work together throughout every exercise you do.

When sitting on the ball to perform exercises like a dumbbell shoulder press or bicep curl, your core muscles will fire as they try to stabilize the ball underneath your hips. Lift one foot off the ground slightly and you’ll find yourself working even harder to stay on top of the ball.

If you are thinking about purchasing your own ball to incorporate it into your workout program, here are some buying tips in case you’re not sure which ball you should be using. When seated on the top of a stability ball your knees should be even with your hips or slightly above. Larger, softer balls are great for de-conditioned, or those who might be rand new to working out, overweight, or mature populations. The firmer the ball the more difficult the exercises are to perform; the softer the ball the easier exercises are to perform.

45cm- used for shorter (under 5 ft).

55cm- used for most people

65cm-used for taller (over 6 ft).

A stability ball is a great tool that can offer a challenge to your workouts. All age groups and all fitness levels can incorporate the right stability ball exercises to improve your balance, strength, posture and coordination. But with a challenge, comes a more exciting workout that will help you to achieve better results while having fun during your workout.

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