Okay le’s go Come on now

When you think of exercise, what comes to mind? For me it’s weight training. This is fitness that I can really get into. There’s just something about benching more than you actually weigh. It feels good and reminds you that you’re strong. However, when I go all out with my weight training, I require some hardcore exercise music. Now when I say exercise music, I’m not talking about that girly garbage they played on “Flashdance.” I’m talking about some rip-roaring rock. I want stuff like Rob Zombie screaming about being more human than human. I want “Disturbed” raging at the top of their lungs. I need some heavy duty exercise music that’s going to push me harder and harder. I need a reason to shove that 250 pound bar off my chest. I want motivation. I want to be in the zone. Can you hear what I’m saying?

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So, it’s clearly been established that there are different sorts of exercise music. There’s stuff for guys and then there’s that Britney Spears trash. No, just joking! It’s not trash to some folks. However, it’s just not quite enough to get me psyched and ready for some serious lifting. If you would like a variety of popular exercise music, you can always check out the broad selection on the web. Try Amazon.com and you won’t be disappointed.

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