Starting Your Day Positive

Starting Your Day Positive

Start Your Day Right

Start Your Day RightEvery day we need a new situation New position. do you know why Yesterday’s situation will be old If not start new and new Then Start Your Day Right you will bring in all the negatives of yesteryear to today You have to do something to start your day right I mean if you’re not someone who can manage for a long time The time then takes 5 minutes or 3 minutes and shuts yourself off In the bath and pray for 5 minutes. Just God help me. I want to put love. I want to go Out of my home today people are treated properly. I have problems with God and they tend to make me cranky. Don’t let me take On others. Make an exit plan And behave yourself Every morning when you wake up you have to say, Father, thank you for this day. thank you You woke me up. Thank you for giving me air To breathe. Thank you for giving me so much satisfaction I am grateful to be alive I am grateful to my family.

I am thankful For opportunities. Lord, I will live this day to the fullest This puts on a new Start Your Day Right position You can wipe the baseboard clean. You can leave From yesterday’s disappointments What did not work. You think Going in the right direction. I’m going to see the good Today, I’ll be nice to someone I will stay in faith enjoying this day make a plan To be a blessing. Plan ahead That when someone offends you, you will forgive him immediately Plan ahead To be forgiving Plan ahead Abandoning things. To praise people Urges people.

I wake up in the morning and think that the Lord here is my goal today Everywhere I go I don’t know how many people I’m going to see today, maybe 15, 20, or 25 But everyone I see I want to tell them something simple that makes them feel A little better then they were before I got there Start Your Day Right. I stand up Early To shout for help And to put my hope in your words He says I start every morning I’m talking to you, shouting in prayer I heard you read your word He says I start my day with hope. Do you start Your day with hope or despair At some point, we have to look in the mirror and say Maybe I am the one who needs to change Maybe I developed a habit to see what was wrong Rather than what is right.

Maybe I trained myself to be negative, disrespectful, hard to live with This is why it is important every morning that we lay down In this new position. I’m Excited About this today. I don’t have to go to work I have to go to work. I am grateful for this job I don’t focus on what is wrong. Lord I want To thank you for what’s right in my life Hello, Jesus died for us so that we could have a great church of life I want you to have the best life you can have There are many lost people who do not know Christ Let’s go out into the world and be a living message for them Let us preach at all times and use words only when necessary Let’s leave our position And our business Are you preaching.

Start Your Day Right You can argue with words but you cannot Argue with constant work This day is a gift from God It is full of potential new ideas, new friendships Mercy Kindness and kindness is compassion and the boy we love God have mercy not Oh my God, wonderful mercy We can do wrong things and God forgive us It never shuts us down outside of his life Because we didn’t do everything exactly the way Wanted that. His mercy is new every day Every morning I guess he’s making a new batch every day Because I consumed all yesterday That’s why it’s so important To get up in the morning and spend time with God Would I live negatively this day, sour Seeing the error, the chip on my shoulder or Will I live it with faith? Positive, optimistic, seeing the best, being Good for people.

This is the choice you made We have to make every day Whatever you encounter today or perhaps Face I want you to call it Goliath because if you are She calls it Goliath and then at least knows where it will end up Life is short to live negative Conditions of leasing acid Dictates the Start Your Day Right position.

Every morning You need to make the decision this another day The Lord made that I would live in faith I will be positive. I will see the best I will make the most of this day.

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Start Your Day Right

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