T Mobile Cell Phones Offer The Widest Range Of Choice!

If you are in the market for a new cell phone or looking to change your providers, it is well worth giving T Mobile cell phones a second look.

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T Mobile offers both contract and pay as you go arrangements. If you are a business user or, like me, you like to chat a lot a contract arrangement is probably best for your new mobile. It is very easy to set up, all you need is two forms of identification and a checking account. You will need to pass a credit check as well.

Alternatively, if you want to stay on top of your spending or don’t fancy the credit check, you could consider a pay as you go contract. If you usually spend less than $50 per month on call minutes, you may even find that a prepaid arrangement is a lot cheaper. In fact, with T Mobile you can select another option called pay on the day. You pay only on days you use the phone.

T Mobile offer a wide range of cell phones. Hot off the press is their G1 phone which is based on Google’s Android operating system. This is an amazing application. You can really turn your phone into a mini computer and you get a real keyboard (I hate the Iphone!). I love the G1 for two reasons – I was a PacMan fanatic in my youth (I finally admit it) and the shopsavy mode is just amazing. I just wish I had it last Christmas – it would have been like shopping with a team of advisers pointing out the best price. It is currently available in black, white and bronze. I wish they would launch it in pink!

But for those of you who don’t want all the features and gadgets of the G1, there are loads more options to chose from. T Mobile are one of those companies where customers actually matter. They pride themselves on their service and have won many industry awards. You can do almost anything via their website from finding out how many minutes you have used to upgrading your plan, your phone and much more. If you have a particular favorite phone such as a Nokia or Blackberry, you can still have a T Mobile cell phone contract. They do not restrict you to purchasing their own brand of phone. In fact they currently offer a couple of free phones none of which are the T Mobile brand.

One T Mobile contract definitely worth looking into is their MyFaves plan. In addition to offering unlimited calls to any of five numbers (who don’t have to be on the TMobile network), you can also get unlimited night and weekend calls and family plans. This is a very useful feature especially when you have kids and they want or need a cell phone. If this type of arrangement is of interest to you, just make sure you chose a cell phone with this application as it is not available on all models.

With everything T Mobile Cell Phones offer, you would be hard pushed to find a better option for your communication needs.

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