The 5 Types of Creative Thinkers

The 5 Types of Creative Thinkers

Creative Thinking Skills

Creative thinking skillsThis type of thinker is often considered a managerial genius because they’re great at organizing and setting rules and regulations for operations to run smoothly. Five: The esthetical thinker. Esthetical thinking involves producing or creating things that are pleasing to our senses. The Creative thinking skills individual may have strong visual and spatial skills choosing to delve into careers such as architecture, painting, and drawing. Esthetical thinkers also thrive in the music industry where they are skilled at creating rhythms, tempos, and melodies that all blend harmoniously together.

Writers, scientists, and mathematicians all belong under this creative branch as well. When they have a talent for creating unique plot lines, formulas, and equations. At Psych2Go we have many aesthetical thinkers like our animators, scriptwriters, and narrators who work hard every day to create the best content just for you. Which type of Creative thinking skills are you? Please share your thoughts with us below.

Two: The inspirational thinker.

Do random ideas ever just come to you suddenly? This is called Creative thinking skills inspirational thinking. Inspirational thinking is usually spontaneous, quick, and comes out of nowhere. Researchers call these breakthroughs higher creativity. Often, people who come up with inspiring ideas see them in dreams first but may also experience this while being awake.

Throughout this creative process, the individual undergoes a life-changing revelation that amplifies their skills and talents to a whole ‘another level. Three: The divergent thinker. American psychologist JP Guilford coined the terms Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking. Guilford proposed that these two types of thinking are the opposite of one another.

Whereas convergent thinking entails concentrating on only one idea or a single solution, divergent thinking involves a more flexible approach where many solutions and options are explored.

We all have a creative genius inside of us. Just like Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory, creativity is also measured in many unique ways. This means that the creative process works differently for everyone. Are you wondering what yours looks like? Here are the five types of creative thinkers; one: The lateral thinker.

This is probably the most common type people think of when they first hear the word “Creativity”. Lateral thinkers think outside the box generating new ideas instead of working with what’s already familiar. Lateral thinking is great for problem-solving, innovations, and inventions. People who identify with this type are usually not afraid to leave traditions behind in order to play with new patterns.

People who identify as divergent Creative thinking skills tend to brainstorm often and enjoy taking risks in order to explore other alternatives. Four: The systemic thinker. Do you have a knack for connecting the dots? People who identify as systemic thinkers are good at understanding how things are related to one another when they look at systems. Systemic thinking is often used in corporate settings when a hierarchy is created.

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Creative Thinking Skills

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