This Video Will Make You Cry.

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You will be my mom in all my sporting events. Suppose I was playing soccer, okay? My mother will be on the sidelines And if the playing field starts going one way, so will mom Like "MIKE, GET EM! GET EM!" And I'd be like, "Oh my God." I will correspond with the other players They'd go, "Mark, is that your mom?" I'll go, "No, I've never seen her before my life." See, the greatest gift My mom gave me – You believed in me Overdose on the drug in 3 cases where I should have died But I think I was staying here for a reason Show me your friends, I'll show you Your future. How do I know that? I hung up with losers, and I became The biggest loser is because I gave everything I dreamed of a little Boy is it because of whom I choose to surround myself with. My friends will push me Home at around 2, 3, 4 in the morning. We were drunk and loud, laughing in a car.

We'll be pulling in front of my house And they'd go, “Mark, Mark. The lights are on.” I'll go, ”Oh man, hey Mother even. “Look, my mom wouldn't go to bed until I knew her son was still there Alive. I walked in and she said, “Hi Mark, how was your night?” I was going, “It was good Mom, I'm tired! I'm just going to go to sleep. ”You go,“ Mark. I haven't seen you all Today and every night. Can I talk to you please.

“I say, 'Oh man, just leave me Alone. You divorce me. "My bedroom hit a door. On the one who believes I. I was on a world tour when we were wrestling abroad in Japan. After my wrestling match I went upstairs in my hotel room, and fell asleep. There was a knock on my door at 3 o'clock in the morning. She got out of bed And I looked through the safety window and I could see, it was the Japanese Promoters. So I opened the door and he says, "Mark, you need to call home." There was an emergency. ”I went, got the hotel's phone and called up To the United States and I say, “Hey, what's going on?” He said, “Mark, I don't I know how to tell you this.

”I said,“ Just tell me, what happened? "It almost started Cry and they go, “Mark, I can't tell you.” I said, “Just say it.” They said, "Mark. Your mother is dead." I just threw the phone down. I ran out of my hotel room. I took the The elevator to the lobby and the doors opened, I just ran to the street. I mean, there were no cars, there were no peoples. 3 o'clock in the morning. And me I walked to the middle of the street in Hiroshima, Japan and I can remember I'm looking for just saying, “Mom.

I'm so sorry.” I flew home for it Funeral, I was too nervous to walk up to her casket so I just stood up At the back. And I kept looking from the distance, thinking to myself, Mama, Please wake up. Please get up. Then I finally got the nerve to walk Up to her. And when I got close, I could see my mom for the first time. I mean, she was very beautiful. She wore white. I mean, she looked like an angel.

And I stood over it and said, "Mom. You're my hero. Everything Me and everything I hope is because of you. She loved me so much You gave me a life. You are the only one who believed in me. “How do I make the payment to her? Getting through sugar, by getting high, by getting stupid, by hanging out With the losers. For what? Absolutely everything he wanted to do, he was talking to me. I hope I can talk to you now, mom. Hope you see what I'm doing. Why wasn't I a better son? We are defined by our options. But if you surround yourself by people you get involved with drugs and alcohol And pills. It is a dead end. I am not here to preach ya. I'm here to tell you I lived that life. It leads to broken hearts, broken relationships, broken Dreams and death. For what? To get an average? If you have a mother or a father When you go home, tell me how much you love m. See, it was my whole life Being rich and famous.

I had to be a millionaire. I had to win the race. I had to win the race on account of my marriage, family and friends. For what? To be alone in this world? I learned what's really important. That is, how valuable this gift is Life and our families and how quickly they can be taken away. We see, I live in time, live in a moment. See, it is not what is in your life Pocket that matters. It is in your life the heart that really matters. Love. Love is just a word. Until someone comes and grants this means. You are. You are the meaning Translations from the community.

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