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hey guys scoreboard here and welcome once again and today I want to tell you about the story which was in 2012 I had just finished my college I had 304 I had I think I had 4 Clickbank review sites doing $2,000 $3,000 per month and it was a huge income for a person living in India just kind of college and then something happened I lost all my income overnight I had lost 90% of my business and then I decided how I can build a you know long-term and sustainable business model and this story and this tutorial is about that so this is one of my Clickbank review society I used to have I used to find products and I used to create free blocks the free blocks four blocks around these Clickbank reviews and I used to rank them on Google I used to everything manually building my backlinks creating content posting on forums posting on article directories there was a lot of hard work but I had no money them I was just secured I didn’t even had a bank account I think a man had a credit card so it was really really tough but somehow I was able to make make it work after a lot of struggle and I was making two thousand to three thousand dollars per month on in passive income and then just something something worse happened and Google Panda they wiped off all my blog then I was devastated I was very sad and I had lost all my temper I had nothing to show to my parents like why I have been working so hard and why I have got so less results during my cabinets and then I decided I need to steal something in my business trying to see long toe I want to build a business that that could be sustainable in the long term and then I started building an email list okay I sort of bling email list and I started with one full picture one of my previous video where I show you how you can make money dollar form so I started with void of forum I started building my list with three WSO’s Facebook ads and then again something worst happened and all my websites on my blogs they made or they were hacked on hosting and deleted I had lost all my had lost all my web properties online but thankfully I still have my email list and I was still able to you know make money I was able to bring money on the table for my family and for myself but again the problem was the mail marketing scene it was becoming difficult the open dates were going down and you know lot of competition was there and we needed to stand out so the my email marketing is will be also started going in with the lower the amount of money I used to make with a five thousand list 2014 or 2015 was a wave move then what I am able to make now and it’s it’s honestly but recently I have been trying to make changes so in business so I so I can make it unshakable business for for myself and this is what I’m driving for and this is what I want to build I want to build shakable business which is long-term which is consistent and which is reliable and I want you guys to do the same and I want to help you to do the same I want you to build a unshakable business for yourself and this is what I stand for right now and this is what I am working towards so how do we build that you know so it’s very very important that in today’s world you have a following you ever Ottawa tea and you need to have more than one connection points you only just an email is that work but now you need to have an email list you should be able to connect to your audience on different different platforms you should have an email list maybe a Facebook group just like I have a Facebook group here I have been enacted when I am going to be very active from right now you can have an YouTube channel then you can have interests you can have Instagram you can have you know Facebook both both passengers so you need to make sure that you have multi-channel connection points where you can reach tour each to your audience from multiple channels and so this is all my email list Louis 22,000 889 people here and this is my another enroll email account where I have 23,000 545 email subscribers and in this example I have 37 884 subscribers and I have two other accounts which have like 4,000 and 6,000 subscribers so this is this is the main core of my business and I have I have used but email is to build a Facebook group you know so I can increase my visibility overall which is a fleet boys club and I have seven thousand eight hundred seventy eight seventy five members and which is going to grow in the coming days because I’m going to promote it a more more frequently and more aggressively again I started a YouTube channel just I started doing it seriously seriously just maybe two weeks back I am again singing because I got 932 views on a video today that will through this back and I am going to put this video on the channel as well and see how it goes so I want to grow all this channel together my email marketing channel my Facebook check my facebook group channel my youtube channel bhai retargeting list and yesterday I mailed my emails by mail and own 20,000 people from my email list and I thought I’m here on 369 dollars in affiliate commissions you know how clear is that you have an email list and whatever you want to make money you just need to mail these guys and you can even promote on your Facebook loops on your YouTube channel and so we are working towards building an unshakable business and which is run by you you know and you are the business you are the business all these funnels all this email is all this Pollack soup remote no baking they will come they will go but what is going to remain there is you know so you need to build yourself feel it to build the authority you need to build you need to build your following fully to feel need to create a personality to people live and people listened to and then people trust okay and that’s what I’m trying to be working here right now so now as you can see like you know I made three sixty nine dollars in a flip Commission you study my resume you see like I have to sixty one thousand dollars eight ninety two dollars to send affiliate commissions and these over three pole except I had promoted to my email list to my email subscribers and that’s only because I have built a relationship with them so I have been able to build in natural team in front of them and that’s the reason that’s why I am able to make these kind of sales and commissions for my promos so you can see there are 223 sales fall from Kevin fake even 56 sales 3,000 dollars in Commission 1700 1072 dollars in commissions this is just one part of my business which is affiliate marketing my email list and again I do a lot of power of launches and you I have been promoting other people offers as you can see and I have been able to build the relationship with fellow vendors so whenever they are launching any call and if I think that your product is really cool and if you really help us Oscar buzz I promote them and they see me as an you know good marketer who can help them so they also had healing my launchers so one of my recent launch SNS what we did for twenty six thousand dollars in just seven days and one of my other launchers said one such a three thousand dollars once it’s live quite 163 thousand dollars in just just a you know seven days you know so what I am trying to show you is it’s very very important to build social it’s very important to build a following it’s very important to come across and say already in your leash and and when you do that you will be able to make you make you will be able to build and unshakable business for yourself which is which is which is which doesn’t matter what happens doesn’t matter if Google value it doesn’t matter they Facebook backs you it doesn’t matter whatever happens but you will always have a tribe you will always have your followers and you can we’ll all those happy or good always have you think so you might say that Gaurav you know it’s been easy for you me up if you have been doing it for years now that you have building a huge list so so chill you guys you know even I started from zero when I started I need zero people on my list I had I had zero friends I had zero money so even if you work zero you need to get started now and one of the best ways to get started is I have I had created a case study that was really really helpful and the link will be right in Barbara calm slash 20 cases study so Mitch or if you go through this this is one of the cases sorry when I show how when we ten thousand dollars in commissions and generated 6404 leads with one of my campaign and these leads they still bring me affiliate commissions so go through this these are the and if you’re just getting sawed they will really really help you to get started with the list building and the main marketing and so that’s it for the video I hope that you really liked it and in case you liked it please give me a like and if you’re watching it on YouTube please subscribe to my channel and I will be back with other videos soon thank you so much for watching

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