What the Blues Can Be — A Conversation with the Blues Episode 1

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Hi, my name is Vince di Mura I’m a musician. I remember when I was maybe three or four years old, this one of my earliest memories, I was up at a pinball place — a pool hall — and somebody put a quarter into the jukebox and played Chuck Berry’s music, and I started dancing. Somebody said “what do you want to be when you grow up a dancer?” I said, “No, I want to be that guy. The guy that was playing out of the jukebox.” I always wanted to be a musician.

And I love the fact that I am. I read once that the great jazz musician never makes any piece of music sound like itself, but makes it sound like himself. And it’s definitely not my intention to create a series of instructional videos for people who do not have some musical knowledge. I expect that the people who are going to watch these videos and learn from the people who I bring into this project are people who already versed in music. People who understand already what the American vernacular is.

Blues, jazz, it all comes from blues. Blues is our DNA. This is a video series, an instructional series, but more of a sharing series. I’m sharing with you the thoughts that I’ve had over the years of creating music. Music that, no matter how complex it is in terms of jazz or even even in the avant-garde, that I always come back to that voice that I grew up, with which is blues.

So this is for those people who want to make the blues, take the blues, bring it into a whole new place. I want to help to facilite you into making something absolutely uniquely your own. The whole point of this series really, is not to talk about what the blues is… but what the blues can be. Because this blues form is so simple, we realize that there are a lot of things that we could do it that have nothing to do with harmony and melody and rhythm, though all of those are components of what we’re going to do to change… Now I got a Latin thing happening… And I’m in New Orleans… Rock n roll… which is the rhythym, of course, of “Jailhouse Rock”…

Even a waltz.

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